Needle & Syringe Program
Responsive User Services in Health Northern Sydney Local Health District

Monthly Message

RUSH will have limited operating hours over the holiday season. Below is where you can access inject equipment 24/7. 

Royal North Shore Hospital Community Health Centre 2c Herbert St, 
St Leonards
Vending Machine
10 packs
6 packs                            
Ryde Hospital Emergency Department Denistone Rd,
Chute inside the ED & over the counter 6 packs
Hornsby Hospital Emergency Department Palmerston Rd, Hornsby Vending machine
chute inside the ED

10 packs
6 packs

Mona Vale Hospital Emergency Department Coronation St,
Mona Vale
Vending machine & Over the ED counter
10 packs 
6 packs
Galston Community Health Centre 17 Arcadia Rd,
Vending Machine 6 packs
Berowra Community Health Centre 123 Berowra Waters Rd, Berowra Vending Machine 6 packs

Fit Pack Contents
6 packs

  • 6 Terumo 1ml 27g fits
  • water
  • spoon
  • cotton
  • swabs

10 Packs

  • 10 Terumo 1ml 27g fits

Question of the month

The holiday season is a time when some people choose to consume drugs and alcohol in greater quantitites than normal. Here at RUSH we want you to remember 3 simple things. 

1. Don't mix different drugs together. 
Combining differnt drugs together can drastically increase the effects it has on you. Be mindful about what you have taken and when.

There are so many different potential combinations with varying risk profiles. Take a look at this chart for more information ( 

In particular,

2. Be extra careful if you have been drinking 
Combining opioids like heroin, with alcohol and/or benzos, increases your risk of overdosing which can be fatal. Remember, know your limits and avoid using alone.

3. Stock up!
Over the party season RUSH will have limited operating hours. We recomend you stock up in preperation.